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Our Philosophy

At the Alex-Mooloolaba Community Kindy we believe:

  • each child is a unique individual with their own pattern of development;
  • children learn through interacting with peers, adults and their learning; environment;
  • learning is a life long process;
  • children learn best in a flexible environment, where exploration, discovery, curiosity and play are the main focus and where “hands-on” experiences are valued;
  • our community kindy should provide a meeting place where parents and the local community feel comfortable, respected, supported and accepted;
  • children need to feel they belong in a safe respected and valued environment, so they feel welcome and nurtured;
  • the learning experiences provided derive from a variety of methods, which could include observations, interests, spontaneous happenings or pre planned intentional teaching;
  • all areas of a child’s learning should be incorporated – social, cognitive, physical, language as well as early literacy and numeracy;
  • children learn best when they are involved; and,
  • children will have the opportunity to grow in a caring environment, where they gain a greater sense of self and also of the wider world surrounding them, including diversities of cultures, life styles and family life.